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A G Thomas (Bradford) Ltd

Durston Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner 4.5L

Durston Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner 4.5L

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Durston Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner for Professional Jewellery Cleaning.

  • LED display for Temperature and Time
  • Degas Function
  • Industrial Transducers for Long Life
  • Strong 40 KHz of power
  • 3 x 60w Industrial Transducers for Long Life (total 180w)
  • Heating Power 300w
  • 4.5 Litre Capacity
  • 1° – 80° Temperature Control
  • 1 – 60 Minutes Timer Control
  • Max Load: 1.5 kg
  • Tank Size L298mm x W150mm x H100mm
  • Basket Included

The Durston Pro Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner 4.5L has an easy-to-use Control Panel, along with an LED display for cleaning time and temperature, Cleaning is fast, efficient and effortless

The heavy gauge stainless steel tank has been created to ensure long time usage. It also features a “degas function”, with the ability to activate the cleaning liquid by removing any air bubbles which will interfere with the Ultrasonic Cleaning action.

The high-performance transducer creates an effective Ultrasonic wave action for enhanced cleaning.

The timer can be set between 1-60 minutes and the cleaning temperature range is 0° – 80°.

The tank size is 298mm long x 150mm wide x 100mm high.  The external dimensions are 325mm x 175mm x 235mm.

The tank can accommodate a maximum load of 1.5kg. More than adequate for any professional Jeweller or Jewelry Workshop

The unit also features a 4.5-litre tank, with ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz, heating power of 300W and a total power consumption of 480W.

The unit includes 2 moulded handles and a stainless steel lid that reduces noise, accelerates the heating process and can also be inverted to use as a drip tray after use.

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