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A G Thomas (Bradford) Ltd

Hagerty Crystal Clean 500ml

Hagerty Crystal Clean 500ml

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500 ml x Pack of 12.

Cleans and takes care of crystal, glass or metal without any efforts. It allows to maintain and to restore the shine of chandeliers or other objects.

The spray gives back brightness to the objects.

Crystal Clean makes the chandeliers, the plates, the vases and any other objects in crystal, glass or metal shine. The spray removes dirt, grease and finger marks. It maintains in depth crystal, glass and metal.

The care acts rapidly, is efficient and does not ruin the objects.

Crystal Clean simplifies the maintenance of the chandeliers in particular. It allows to spray without having to take the chandelier down and wipe it afterwards. The cleaning is easy, gives almost instant results and does not cause any micro-scratches or marks on crystal, glass and metal. The decoration objects, chandeliers and accessories are cleaned and shiny again.

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