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A G Thomas (Bradford) Ltd

Hagerty Silversmiths Gloves

Hagerty Silversmiths Gloves

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Clean and take care of silver and silver-plated objects. They ease the maintenance of silver and silver-plated items which are oxidized. They restore the original luster.

The specially impregnated gloves give back brightness to the items.

Thanks to their impregnation, the gloves make vases, frames and other tarnished items shine. They protect from oxidation for several weeks and remove dirt from decorative objects and other precious silver and silver-plated items. They maintain in depth tarnished silver.

The effortless method to keep silver shining brightly and tarnish free.

The gloves allow to hold firmly the item while cleaning and your hands stay dry. The cleaning is easy, gives instant results and does not cause any micro-scratches or marks on the metal. The silver and silver-plated items are cleaned and shiny again.

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