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A G Thomas (Bradford) Ltd

Tripoli Lustre Compound 700gm

Tripoli Lustre Compound 700gm

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Canning Lustre Polishing compound bar

Compound Classification- Heavy Cut

What's this compound used for- Tripoli Cutting compound, removes 240-400 grit marks and leaves a brush/ dull finish.

What metal is it used for- Non-Ferrous metals such as Brass, Copper, Gold, Zinc, and Bronze and works well for cutting processes on wood, plastics, and horn

What mop should I use- Commonly used with close stitch colour, close or open stitch white mops, and for B quality loose mops for wood, plastics, and horn

Stats- Cut 6 Gloss 4

Bar Size 700g Approx

Classic medium greasy Tripoli compound, just remember that Tripoli compound will not work on hard metals such as steel. Works well on softer metals and cutting processes on plastics.

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